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The 12 balance links throughout the human life

    5. Housing balance: Housing here refers to both the residence and the office where people live and work. Housing balance means the smooth state of energy information communication in the living place.
    Residence, a dwelling that shelters people from the wind and rain, is an important place to exchange energy information. According to the rules for house building set by ancient Chinese: “High terrace has more exposure to the sun and large room has more space of shade, so both are against the principle of harmony between man and the universe, and are therefore declined by the sage who prefers moderate arrangement.” That is to say, the foundation of a house should not be too high, and the room should not be too large, and being moderate will be the best.
    Residence is where Yin of the earth and Yang of the heaven meet, and is a relatively permanent place of energy information exchange among the heaven, the earth and human beings, therefore, it affects much people’s health. “A large room has more shade, and a high terrace has more sunshine. Excessive shade causes setbacks, and excessive sunshine causes shrink. That is why the deceased king in former times did not live in a large room or have high terrace built…. This is how the sages mould their temperaments.” (Annals by Lu Buwei)
    The surrounding environment of a residence also affects people’s health. To live in peace and guarantee a prosperous future of their offspring, the ancient people paid much attention to feng shui or geomantic omen, which is called “view” today. The Chinese prefer to build residences in places believed to bring fortune to their family. Experts also remind residence purchasers of the smooth exchange of energy information in the surrounding environment. Recommended residences should be 500 meters away from the main road, and have sufficient sunshine and ventilation and broad vision. In addition, there shouldn’t be factories that generate pollution and launching towers that transmit electromagnetic waves within an area of 2 kilometers.
    Irrational designs, disorderly arranged furniture, clashing colors and unclean floors are all called interior visual pollution. They may cause psychological and physiological imbalance, and decline of memory and immunity. On the contrary, a well-designed interior layout and spacious and bright room will make people feel at ease and delighted. When decorating a room, attention should be paid to ventilation, closeness to nature, sound insulation and heat preservation. The room should be ventilated for no less than 30 minutes every day to ensure adequate amount of fresh air and energy communication. Suggestions: simple and natural decoration with materials of good ventilation.
    电脑、电话、冰箱、饮水机这些现代文明的产物,现已成为滋生细菌、传播病毒的“温床”。电脑键盘、鼠标以及电话拨号盘上的微生物数量是厕所坐便器的400倍。电话每平方厘米的面积上约有3900个微生物,电脑键盘和鼠标每平方厘米滋生的微生物数量分别为510个和260个。电磁声光污染 电磁污染源于电磁辐射。它看不见、听不到、闻不着,它比空气和水污染对人体的侵害更为隐蔽。眼睛首当其冲,严重时可造成白内障。并出现头痛、乏力、烦躁、记忆力减退、多汗、心悸、失眠等症状。
    Computer, telephone, refrigerator, water dispenser and other products of modern society have become the “seedbed” for breeding and spreading viruses and germs. Computer keyboard, mouse and telephone dial are home to 400 times as many microorganisms as the toilet bowl. There are 3,900 microorganisms on 1 square cm of space on the telephone set, while the number is 510 and 260 on the computer keyboard and mouse respectively. Electromagnetic wave, noise and light pollution. Electromagnetic pollution is caused by electromagnetic radiation, which is intangible, with no sound or smell, their harms to health are more concealed than air and water pollution. The eyes are the first to be harmed, which may develop cataract in serious cases, in addition to headache, tiredness, irritation, poor memory, sweat, heart-throb and insomnia.
    Body smell is another source of pollution. More than 400 kinds of smells are sent out during the human body’s metabolism and getting rid of the stale and taking in the fresh. Besides sweat, the body also discharges, in physical exercises, more than 100 kinds of substances such as inorganic salt, kreatinin, lactic acid, urea, uric acid, the respiratory system produces more than 100 smells, more than 200 kinds of wastes are also emitted through pores. All these discharges, together with defecation and urine, will no doubt cause pollution to regional environment. Especially in hot and humid seasons, the wastes will make the air even fouler. Living long in such environment will affect health. Of course, paying attention to hygiene is a good habit, but going too far is as bad as not going far enough. As an expert from Switzerland has pointed out, a highly clean living space may be more harmful, especially to children, because antibody against causative agents can hardly develop in an “extremely clean” environment.
    To sum up, as housing—residence, office and enclosed public space—is the place of communication between man and the natural energy, e.g., air. The housing balance is very important to human health and subsistence. Meanwhile, the housing layout is a full revelation of the aesthetic taste of a person or a family.

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